Digital Label Printing


Why Digital Print?

Digital print is the biggest growing sector in the label printing industry.

Developments in digital technology have seen many advances in digital printing and we would like to share these advantages with you.

Digital print delivers excellent quality and it is the perfect cost effective and flexible solution for short to medium run lengths over multiple variants. With press speeds up to 75m per minute, light fastness of 8 on the wool scale and the lightest opacity opaque white, the Domino Press offers further scope to create enhanced digital imaging.

The Digital press allows for on demand printing, and is a cost effective solution for strategic runs, using personalisation, sequential barcodes and sequential numbering.

With perfect registration, less waste, accurate colour matching using a seven colour pallet and no expensive plates to buy, digital is the perfect answer for many label buyers.

We can print on limitless substrates, including vellums, papers, synthetics, boards and filmic materials. Materials can be self adhesive, un-supported or boards. Material thicknesses can vary from 12 micron to 350 micron.

All of our digital print can be finished with spot or overall varnishes in Matt, Satin or Gloss. The print can also have an over laminate, a hologram or foil added to create the complete finished label.

The finished print can be supplied on reels, fan-folded or on sheets. 

Positive Impacts for Print Buyers

No plate costs or plate making. No ink mixing or lengthy colour matching. No registration problems. Colour proofing before print run. Mock up sampling for marketing meetings. Enhanced colour gamut. Improved delivery times. Less waste, no downtime.

Digital UV Inkjet Printing - Domino N610i
Domino N610I Digital Inkjet Label Press
HP WS4500 7 Colour Press