Medical Labels

The Customer

Our customer is a UK-based medical supplies company, serving the NHS, private hospitals, and healthcare professionals. With a focus on providing quality medical equipment consumables, they frequently rely on our technical expertise and support for their label

Nature of the Problem

The customer approached us with a new project for hospitals involving the production of
labels to adhere to syringes, each signifying different contents. This project presented
several challenges, including the need for a large number of SKUs and ensuring the labels
were latex-free and suitable for adhering to small cylindrical surfaces like syringes. Previous
difficulties reported by end-users highlighted the complexity of adhering to such surfaces,
requiring not only a stronger adhesive but also a more flexible surface material.

Solution Recommended

Collaborating closely with multiple suppliers, we identified potential solutions and submitted
them to the customer for testing. We prioritised materials compatible with Digital HP Indigo
print, aligning with the customer’s need for flexibility across over 600 SKUs. Additionally, we
ensured the selected materials met latex-free requirements, in compliance with NHS policy
and customer specifications.

Alternative Solutions

To mitigate supply chain risks, we explored multiple materials from various suppliers and
maintained documentation of alternative options.

The Results

Following the implementation of our recommended solution, the syringe label project proved
to be a significant success. Our customer is now one of the largest syringe label suppliers in
the UK, having produced over one hundred million labels of this type. The solution not only
met the customer’s requirements but also exceeded expectations in terms of performance
and scalability.


In conclusion, our collaborative effort with the medical supplies company has resulted in the
successful development and production of latex-free labels for syringes, meeting stringent
NHS standards and customer demands. By leveraging our technical expertise and strategic
partnerships, we delivered a solution that not only addresses regulatory requirements but
also enhances safety and efficiency within healthcare settings. This project exemplifies our
commitment to delivering innovative solutions tailored to our customers’ unique needs, and
we look forward to continued collaboration and future opportunities for success.

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