Bespoke solutions whatever you manufacture

Using state-of-the-art technology and equipment, we produce label solutions for a wide range of industrial applications. At Anglia Labels, our extensive experience allows us to cater to our customer’s unique industrial labelling requirements.

Labels for All Areas of Industry

Our labels are used on anything from small machinery parts to large industrial tooling. We produce for a range of industrial applications including:


Serialised Labels

Barcode Labels

Warning & Safety Labels

Instruction Labels

Asset Tags

The Role of Labels in Industry and Manufacturing

Industrial labels or labels used within the manufacturing sector are vital in product identification, safety, and compliance:


Labels are used to identify different machinery components and provide essential information such as serial numbers and other unique identifiers. This helps in inventory management and traceability throughout the manufacturing process.

Safety information

Labels are used to convey important safety information and warnings. Safety labels help protect workers and users by providing clear instructions and pictographs highlighting potential risks.

Compliance and regulations

Labels are often required to comply with industry standards and regulations. They may include certification labels or compliance marks.

Service and maintenance

Labels can provide service and maintenance-related information, such as contact details for customer support, warranty information, or service reminders.

Customised industrial labels: tailor-made for your business

Our specialist team can advise on the best materials, adhesives, and finishes to ensure that labels remain intact and legible, even in harsh environments.  We also understand the need to prioritise compliance with industry regulations and can create labels that both meet these, and provide detailed safety information to customers.

Technical Considerations for Industrial Labels

Based on our experience working with clients in this sector, a number of things need to be considered when creating industrial labels:

Surface Compatibility

Understanding the surface to which the label is to be applied is key to guarantee good adhesion. In industry these are often metal or plastic, but it is important they must be clean, smooth, and non-porous.

Intended Environment

Labels can become unstuck or lose their adhesive strength over time, especially in harsh conditions such as high heat or moisture. It is vital that these are considered in order to select the best combination of material and finish for your label.


Labels in this sector are often placed on very specific parts of machinery and equipment. They may need to be die-cut to a bespoke shape and size, or require text to be printed to a very small size.

Solving Your Industrial Labelling Challenges

Sticky business

Our experts are regularly tasked with producing labels for more unusual surfaces in this arena that are not best suited to standard adhesives.

For example, one customer presented us with the challenge of producing a label that needed to be applied to the highly curved metal surface of a very specialist engineering device.

We presented the customer with a high tack alternative that ensured the labels did exactly what they needed to.

Read the small print

Another challenge regularly faced in this area is the need for extremely small text. By using our highly accurate UV digital inkjet Domino N610i printer our team can easily create high resolution small point text.

Expert support from start to finish

Anglia Labels can help with the design and customisation to help you achieve your desired result. Contact our team of technical experts to discuss your label needs.