What Are Window Stickers?

Window stickers are adhesive graphics or labels affixed to the inside or outside of glass windows. Customising window stickers with graphics, text, and images will suit a variety of uses and different directions based on the design.

Types of Window Stickers

At Anglia Labels we can accommodate a range of window sticker options. They come in various shapes, sizes, designs and finishes. They can be transparent or opaque, removable or permanent and come with different adhesive strengths to tailor to your window surface. There are many permutations and window sticker options so it’s best to call our experienced team at Anglia Labels to find out where to start.

Materials and Adhesives for Window Stickers

Choosing the best material and adhesive will depend on your design, surface area, and the sticker’s intended usage. At Anglia Labels we have a highly skilled team that can help you with all the complexities surrounding window labels. Give us a call so we can help guide you through the process.

Applications of window stickers for marketing

Window stickers can serve multiple marketing purposes such as:

Promoting sales, new products or services

Store entrance notifications

Displaying your company and product information

Inviting foot traffic to your booth at events or shows

We can help you get the most from your window stickers

Partner with Anglia Labels to get the most out of your window design and printing needs to promote your business effectively. Window stickers can be complicated so contact one of our experienced team to get you heading in the right direction.

Expert support from start to finish

Anglia Labels can help with the design and customisation to help you achieve your desired result. Contact our team of technical experts to discuss your label needs.