Elevate Your Brand with Eye-Catching Metallic Label Enhancements

Metallic and foiled labels can significantly contribute to brand recognition and create a premium image for any product range. The reflective surfaces and metallic finishes add a touch of elegance and sophistication to labels, helping to convey a sense of quality and exclusivity. This can be particularly beneficial for brands looking to differentiate themselves and establish a strong brand identity. 

We offer a variety of methods of achieving a metallic embellishment on your labels:

Foiled Labels

Foiled labels are labels which incorporate metallic foil material to add a luxurious, eye-catching, and premium look to products or packaging. Foiled labels are created by applying a thin layer of metallic foil, such as gold, silver, copper, onto the label base material. There are different methods of applying foil.

Cold Foiling

Also known as cold foil transfer, this method uses pressure and adhesive to apply the metallic foil. It provides a cost-effective and efficient method to achieve metallic effects in printing and can be used on a variety of materials. However, as heat is not used, it is better suited to smooth surfaces and can be less effective on textured material.

Hot Foiling

Also known as hot stamping, this method utilises heat and pressure to transfer the metallic foil from a plate onto the label material. The heat activates an adhesive which bonds the foil to the surface. The result is a luxurious, visually striking finish, especially when used with embossing and on textured substrates. It can however be less flexible in design and colour options, and more expensive due to higher set up costs.

Emulated Foiled Labels

Emulated foil labels utilise printing techniques and special ink formulations to replicate the reflective and shiny qualities of foil, without using actual foil material. The advantages of emulated foil labels include cost-effectiveness compared to using real foil, the ability to incorporate intricate designs, design flexibility and variety of colour.

Metallic inks

Metallic inks can be used in both the digital and flexographic printing processes. These give the printed areas a metallic sheen and simulate the appearance of traditional foil but allows for a much wider range of colour options.

Metallic substrates

Metallic base material can be used and colours printed over it, creating shimmering and reflective metallic effects. Yellow ink on a silver metallic base, for example, will resemble gold. This technique enables a range of metallic colours without the need for dedicated metallic inks, resulting in a faster, more flexible, and cost-effective printing process.

The specific techniques and materials used to create emulated foil labels can yield different results in terms of appearance, durability, and overall quality. Our experienced team can advise you on which method will best suit your labels and budget.

The beauty of metallic labels

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