Enhancing print with metallic effects: shimmer, reflect, and stand out!

The metallic properties of a silver base material allow you to print colours over it, simulating shimmering and reflective metallic effects.

For example, if you want a gold colour, you can print a yellow colour on the metallic base, utilising the reflective properties of the silver surface to create a shiny, metallic appearance.

Printing on metallic bases

By leveraging this technique, you can achieve a variety of metallic colours without having to use dedicated metallic inks, making the printing process quicker, more flexible and cost-effective.

This method can be used to simulate the effect of foiling, producing a premium looking finish but at a much lower price, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your branding and helps your products stand out on the shelf.

We have a huge range of label solutions and options that can provide a visually stunning metallic effect. We can easily help you choose the best options that meet the end result you are looking for with the budget you have in mind.

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