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Variable data label printing involves the use of specialised digital printing technologies that allow for the printing of unique and differing information on each and every label.

Benefits of variable data labels

Implementing variable data labels in your business can offer a range of benefits, including:

Improved productivity and efficiency

Using variable data labels can streamline the labelling process and reduce the risk of errors. With automated printing and application, variable data labels can also help increase production speed, freeing your employees’ time to focus on other tasks.

Enhanced tracking and traceability

Variable data labels can improve the tracking of products through the supply chain. With the inclusion of unique data on each label, you can efficiently identify each item and track its movement through the production process and beyond.

Increased security and authentication

Variable data labels can help protect your products from counterfeiting and tampering. Unique information on each label means it is more effective in identifying signs of unauthorised access or tampering.

When Might You Use a Variable Data Label?

A variable data label can be useful in many different scenarios where each product requires unique information. A few examples of when you might use a variable data label are:

Product identification

If you produce a large number of products that need to be identified uniquely, a variable data label can help. For instance, if you produce a range of electronics, each device will have a unique serial number that can be printed on the label.

Inventory tracking

If you need to track inventory and stock levels accurately, a variable data label can be helpful. By printing unique identification numbers on the label, you can track the movement of products through the supply chain, monitor inventory levels and manage stock more efficiently.

Quality control

If you need to track the quality of your products and their components, a variable data label can help. You can print information such as lot numbers, production dates and expiration dates on the label, enabling you to track products and their components easily.

Promotional campaign

If you are running a promotional campaign and want to personalise your products, you can use variable data labels to print personalised messages, codes or even names on each label.

Compliance labelling

If your products require specific labelling to comply with regulatory requirements, a variable data label can help. By printing unique information on the label, such as product information, warnings and legal requirements, you can ensure that each product is correctly labelled.

Types of Variable Data Labels

There are several types of variable data labels to consider including:

Bar codes

We can create and supply all types of barcodes from the standard EAN codes to two-dimensional codes. We can supply static barcodes on the labels or sequentially numbered barcodes to suit your needs.

Serialised labels – Sequential data

Serialised labels use a unique serial number or other variable data to identify individual products. These labels can make it easier to track items through the manufacturing process and can improve inventory control.

QR code labels

QR code labels are two-dimensional barcodes which pack a lot of information into a limited space. By scanning a QR code label from a smartphone, users can access a website or a landing page containing more information about the product.

Variable image labels

Using HP Collage and HP Mosaic digital technology, we can produce labels with an individual variation of an image or graphic on every label, creating a unique label every time. This technique is increasingly being used by brands to create a personalised experience for customers adding maximum buying potential.

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