Stunning label solutions for beauty and wellbeing products

The UK’s Beauty & Wellbeing industry is valued at over £36.7 billion. At Anglia Labels, we take pride in the partnerships we have with numerous clients in this industry, providing top-quality labels that play a key role in ensuring brand growth. 

From head to toe, we’ve got it covered

We produce labels for a huge range of products in the beauty and wellbeing sector including:

Skincare labels

Makeup labels

Fragrance labels

Bath and body product labels

Mouth Freshner  Plastic Bottle Packaging Mockup

Oral care product labels

Aromatherapy product labels

Male grooming product labels

Nail care labels

Beauty tool & accessories labels

Anti-ageing product labels

The art of label design – balancing form and function

Labels have become an essential tool for beauty and wellbeing brands to visually communicate with customers. They also need to include the right information and balancing this can at times be tricky.

Stand out from the crowd

 With unique designs, wow-factor finishes, sizes, shapes, and vibrant colours, you can create a strong visual identity that sets your brand apart from the competition.

At Anglia Labels, we help you strike the balance between visually appealing design and informative label content. 

Including the right information

Beauty and Wellbeing labels need to provide your customers with detailed information about ingredients, usage instructions and safety regulations and may need to comply with specific legislation on this.

We understand these challenges and we’re always available to answer any questions to help inform your decisions regarding the size and shape, label material and any other requirements that work best for your brand.

Beauty and Wellbeing Labels Solutions by Anglia Labels

At Anglia Labels, we understand that labels are the unsung heroes of your brand. They create the vibe and feel of your products, showcase your brand’s style, and cover essential details. Our labelling solutions help you achieve all this, ensuring your labels dazzle and last. When it comes to beauty and wellbeing products, we’re here to partner with you and help you achieve greater visibility and recognition for your unique brand and products.

Adapting to all skin types 

For over 40 years we have seen packaging trends evolve, and as they have developed, so have we. We provide numerous labelling solutions for anything from recyclable plastic tubes to glass bottles, and can help you achieve a smooth application of high-quality labels whatever the packaging.

In our experience there are a number of technical considerations which can make a difference to the practical success and impact of your final product. Our technical team have shared a few below:

If a container is ‘squeezy’ the label will need to be flexible. In this case we would recommend using a filmic material called PE (Polyethalene). This is much more flexible than other materials.

Our transparent materials give off a ‘no label’ look on bottles or containers, all while being waterproof and resistant to fading and tearing. These are ideal for products that are exposed to water or UV light.

The printing technique used for the label can impact the finished product. The choice depends on factors such as the complexity of the design, desired print quality, colour options, and budget. We can advise on whether your design will work best printed on digital, or flexographic or a combination of both

Expert support from start to finish

Anglia Labels can help with the design and customisation to help you achieve your desired result. Contact our team of technical experts to discuss your label needs.