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As with all the finishes that we offer, there is a huge variety of options and variations available to choose from. Each can be mixed and matched with other finishes and our technical experts can help you make the right choice.

Gloss Varnish

A gloss varnish is a type of varnish applied to a label or printed material to create a glossy or shiny finish. It is a clear coating that adds a reflective layer over the label, enhancing its overall appearance and providing a smooth and lustrous surface.

Matt Varnish

A matt varnish is the same principle as a gloss varnish but it creates a non-reflective, flat, and velvety appearance. It is a clear coating that adds a matt finish to the label, giving it a smooth and subdued surface, and generally more professional look.

Contrast Varnish

This type of varnish is where both matt and gloss varnish are applied on different parts of a label. Using a combination of both matt and gloss varnish can create a really striking contrast and really boost the design of your label.

High Build Varnishes

A high build varnish, also known as a raised varnish or tactile varnish, is a type of varnish applied to a label or printed material to create a raised or three-dimensional effect. Unlike a standard varnish that creates a smooth and flat surface, a high build varnish adds texture and depth to specific areas of the label design. The varnish is applied in a thicker layer than a standard varnish. This can be really effective when trying to achieve an embossed, or textured effect.

Spot Varnish

A spot varnish is a type of varnish applied to specific areas or elements of a label, rather than covering the entire label surface. It is used to selectively enhance or highlight certain design elements, creating contrast or adding visual interest.

Sandpaper Varnish

Sandpaper varnish label finishes are a sought-after option that has gained popularity in recent times. This unique finish not only captivates the eye with its striking appearance, but it also offers practical benefits by adding texture and grip to the label.

Benefits of using a varnish

Protection & Durability

Varnish provides a protective layer over the label, safeguarding it against scratches, scuffing and smudging. It helps to preserve the label’s design, colours, and text, ensuring they remain vibrant and legible for an extended period.

Quality Finish

Using a varnish will make a huge difference to the perceived quality and professionalism of your label. It will provide a polished finish and really set off your colour and design.

Anglia Labels have a diverse range of varnish finish options for you to explore, tailored to meet your application, design, and visual preferences.

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