What are Peel and Reveal Labels?

Peel and reveal labels are a type of packaging label that allows consumers to uncover additional information about a product by peeling away a top layer of the label. They can be made using a range of materials and finishes which can be tailored dependant on your needs.

Why and when to use a peel and reveal label

Peel and Reveal labels are often used to provide more detailed product information, such as ingredients, instructions, or promotional messages, that may not fit on the front-facing label of a product.

They provide an efficient way for companies to include additional information on their product packaging without having to increase the size of the package itself.

Peel and reveal labels can be a good choice for a variety of reasons and can play a number of roles on a product including regulatory, informative, and promotional.


Peel and reveal labels can help businesses comply with regulations that require certain information to be included on product packaging. For example, food and beverage labels need to include ingredient and allergen lists and nutritional information; and chemical and pharmaceutical product labels need to provide information about dosage, usage instructions, side effects, and warnings.

By using a peel and reveal label, businesses can ensure that they are providing all the required information in a clear and concise manner.


Peel and reveal labels can be used to provide customers with additional information that can help them make informed purchasing decisions. By including information such as product benefits, usage instructions, or customer reviews, businesses can help customers understand the product and its value proposition.


Peel and reveal labels can be used as a marketing tool to promote a product and increase customer engagement. By including promotional messages or interactive elements, such as QR codes, businesses can create a more immersive product experience that can help to build brand loyalty.

Production and expertise

The manufacture of Peel and Reveal labels requires specialist machinery and knowledge due to the multi-layer printing process involved. At Anglia labels we have a leading combination of digital and flexographic equipment, and over 40 years’ experience producing top quality labels for you to utilise.

Expert support from start to finish

Anglia Labels can help with the design and customisation to help you achieve your desired result. Contact our team of technical experts to discuss your label needs.