Design Support

Pre-press Support

As with all the finishes that we offer, there is a huge variety of options and variations available to choose from. Each can be mixed and matched with other finishes and our technical experts can help you make the right choice.


Text Size and format, as well as position of the cutter guide are all key considerations when formatting your design.  If you want further advice on how to format correctly, our team will be able to help but some key pointers are listed below: 

  • All fonts should be embedded or outlined and if live texts are being used, please supply these as a separate file
  • Please ensure that all artwork includes a designated cutter/die line, specified as a spot colour named ‘Cutter’ 
  • Please place cutter lines in a separate layer
  • Ideally leave a 1.5mm margin between the cutter line and any text or images
  • Apply a minimum of 2mm bleed beyond the cutter/die line

File Formatting

Our artwork studio team can answer any questions you have about file formats but here are some general guidelines which will help us prepare your labels for print more quickly:

  • We prefer designs to be created using Adobe Illustrator or other similar vector graphics programme
  • We cannot accept .png or .jpeg images as these cannot be amended
  • Photo images should be supplied in at least 600dpi resolution

Artwork can be emailed directly to us or sent via downloadable links such as WeTransfer.

Bar Codes

When printing barcodes, it is essential to ensure that they are supplied at a minimum of 80% magnification. Anything smaller than this can result in them being too small to scan accurately. It is also highly recommended to use 100% black for printing barcodes, this ensures optimal readability, excellent contrast and also minimises the chances of scanning errors. Taking these precautions will help ensure that barcodes are legible and can be efficiently scanned in various applications.

Colour Advice

Colour Advice

Colour management is a key part of the process and can make all the difference to achieving the perfect results for your label, especially if it is a leading part of your brand. Colour can be complicated and can look very different under different lights, on different materials and with different finishes applied. 

We are passionate about getting colour right and our technical advisers are on hand to guide you through the factors impacting the final look and make sure you understand what the finished product will look like in the flesh.

We work with both Pantone, spot colour and CMYK designs across both digital and flexographic processes and we will advise you which process will be the best for your label.

Effortless Design Refinement and Swift Label Production

Once any necessary adjustments have been made to your design, we will prepare a PDF proof and email it to you for your approval before sending it to production. If there are any further adjustments before this stage, there may be a charge for these. Following our guidelines as listed above will ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible and we can get your labels to print more quickly. 

Expert support from start to finish

Anglia Labels can help with the design and customisation to help you achieve your desired result. Contact our team of technical experts to discuss your label needs.