Grow your business with customised horticultural labels

 The horticultural sector encompasses a huge variety of products and industries related to plant cultivation, maintenance, plant sale and garden design. Labels have a broad role to play in this arena and at Anglia Labels we have the breadth of experience to provide expert advice and bespoke labelling solutions.

Specialist Label Solutions Across the Horticulture Industry

In the UK alone, we spend over £7.5billion annually on garden goods. These include a wide range of products, many of which rely on labels. Some of the many that we have experience in producing include:

Garden Ornament Labels

Plant Care Labels

Plant Tags

Agrochemical Labels

The Essential Role of Labels in the Horticulture Industry

Labels have multiple purposes across the sector and these often need to be carefully balanced in one label. We have the experience to help you get this right.

Make your product bloom

In a highly competitive marketplace, the right label can make all the difference to making your product stand out on garden centre shelves. With our specialist printing technology, we can produce a label to support maximum sales impact.

Guiding the consumer

Labels should also comply with any labelling standards or requirements set by regulatory bodies or industry organisations. For plant tags, labelling may need to include relevant information about the plant and any special care instructions.


Horticultural labels can be used to identify and track plants in gardens, nurseries, and farms. They can help ensure that the right plants are being tended to and provide information on the plant’s species, cultivar, age, and other relevant details.

For over 40 years Anglia Labels have gained valuable expertise working with all the many complex aspects and applications of horticultural label development and production.

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Our expert considerations for horticultural labels

In our experience, labels for horticultural items often need to look good and stay put.

Surviving the Great Outdoors

Choosing the optimal material and printing technologies is crucial to ensure your labels are legible and durable over time. Synthetic weather-resistant material such as Polypropylene (PP) is perfect for outdoor plant labelling. Additionally, a digital printing process will use UV-resistant ink to prevent fading and keep the labels highly legible over time.

Cut to Size

Label size and shape are often dictated by product type which can cause problems when a lot of information is required on a label. Where text must be small we would recommend using digital printing technology to get maximum clarity, but for large amounts of text, we would suggest a peel and reveal design.

We have created high quality bespoke labels in a huge variety of shapes and sizes to suit different types of plant packaging and other horticultural applications. We know what is effective and what is problematic.

Expert support from start to finish

Anglia Labels can help with the design and customisation to help you achieve your desired result. Contact our team of technical experts to discuss your label needs.