High Gloss Labels

The Customer

Our customer is a leading automotive aftercare manufacturer. Their products range from engine additives to screen washes, de-icers, and car polishes. They have sales across the world and are a trusted name in garages and homes across the world.

Nature of the Problem

The customer approached us with a new range of labels that would have a high ink
coverage and would be sold on garage forecourts and shelves. The labels must be vibrant
with a gloss lustre. The material needs to be waterproof, and the inks must be hard-wearing
as the bottles may often rub together in transit and it is imperative the user instructions and
ingredients are clearly read.

High Ink Labels
High Ink Labels

Solution Recommended

Working closely with our ink suppliers, we identified the need for a highly siliconised scuff- resistant gloss varnish to go over the Inkjet inks. After consultation with the customer to make sure there was going to be no overprinting to be done by them as the end user, we instigated a print trial using several high slip gloss varnish coverings and weights.

Alternative Solutions

To mitigate supply chain risks, we explored multiple varnish options from three suppliers.

The Results

The tests that we produced in-house to replicate bottles rubbing together, indicated that one
varnish stood out and ticked all the boxes. The lustre was highly glossy, the varnish passed
our scratch and tape tests, and it could now be sent to the customer to be tested on the
product in transportation.


In conclusion, our collaborative effort with our suppliers has resulted in the successful
development and production of a high gloss, slip-resistant label. By leveraging our technical expertise and strategic partnerships, we delivered a solution that not only addresses regulatory requirements but also enhances the look and usability of the product. This project exemplifies our commitment to delivering innovative solutions tailored to our customers’ unique needs, and we look forward to continued collaboration and future opportunities for success.

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